Pastor's Update (11/27/20)


Happy New Year!

Well, happy new church year. Certainly, this past year (church and secular) has fulfilled the ancient Chinese curse, “May you have an interesting life.”

I am as tired of writing about COVID as you are reading and hearing about it, but we need to continue to do what we can to relieve one another’s anxieties and to keep each other safe. Thank you to everybody at St. Timothy for your patience and concern for one another.

I went to Ollie’s and bought a few face shields to wear when the mask is a problem. We will see how that works. Council has agreed that we need to transition our singing of hymns to a smaller number as COVID cases rise in our area. We have also cut back on the number of carols we plan to sing at our Christmas services. I suspect that other policy changes will be in the works over the next month or so. Please continue to share your opinions and ideas with our Worship Committee and council members.

Continue to pray for the call process. We may have some very positive news to share with you soon. A hint: Don’t make plans to be away on January 10 and 17. I can’t say anything else, but please pray that we can go forward to calling a permanent pastor to lead St. Timothy into the wonderful future God has for you. (Oh, and pray for balmy weather for those two Sundays, especially since there is no Farm Show this year).

The color for Advent is blue, which is the color of hope. Surely, we need some hope, with the political turmoil in our country and all the uncertainties and conflicts over how to deal with the COVID situation. It is good to know that in the midst of all this, Jesus Christ remains King and Lord, and that His glorious purpose for us is certain.

Meanwhile, we go forward fearing, loving, and trusting God and His marvelous promises, and seeking in the power of the Spirit to love our neighbors as ourselves. May Advent be a time when all of us are strengthened in the hope that will never disappoint us, because Jesus is risen from the dead and all history will find its fulfillment in Him.

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

Steve Shipman, STS
Interim Pastor

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