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Our Mission and Vision

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Our purpose is to meet, within a Christian environment, the individual preschool child at the child's present level of growth, and then to aid each child in further intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.

At St. Timothy Nursery School, we hope to provide an experience which will enhance your child’s total development by providing your child with opportunities to develop a self image outside of the family unit and feel good about who he or she is; explore and discover the world around him or her and appreciate the wonder of God’s creation; develop increased language skills, and cooperate with other children and adults in a warm and comfortable group setting.

Our Preschool provides:

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  • A rich learning environment where children learn through:
    • Play. We follow the early childhood philosophy of children learning best through play, which the American Academy of Pediatrics advises is critical to children's mental health and development.

    • Hands-On Experiences. Children learn from exploring real objects such as balancing blocks and solving real problems such as zipping their jackets.

    • Activity. Children learn through a variety of activities, such as fantasy and dress-up;physical play, like on the playground; structured games with rules, such as Duck, Duck, Goose; construction play, like building with blocks or Legos; sensory play, like playing in the water and sand tables, and fine-motor play, such as puzzles.
  • A nurturing environment where our kind, caring, and creative teachers help children learn and grow.

  • A welcoming environment where we:
    • welcome children and families from a variety of cultures and faiths and encourage children to share their customs with us
    • believe that each child is a unique individual created by God.
    • focus on teaching Christian concepts of loving, caring and sharing.

Sample Daily Schedule

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  1. Welcome Time
  2. Art
  3. Free Play
    1. Kitchen area
    2. Dress-up clothes
    3. Block Area
    4. Sand and water table
    5. Train Table
  4. Circle Time
    1. Calendar
    2. Weather
    3. Story
    4. Activity related to our theme of the week
  5. Bathroom Time
  6. Songs/Creative Movement
  7. Snack Time
  8. Puzzles and Games
  9. Large Muscle Activities
    1. Outside: Play on our playground; ride scooters, tricycles and Big Wheels; draw with sidewalk chalk
    2. Inside: Tumble on mats; develop balance skills by walking on the balance beam, and crawl through tunnels
  10. Dismissal