COVID-19 INFO (Building Use Guidelines)

Building-use Guidelines
COVID Update

On May 13th, the CDC and PA Dept of Health announced changes to relax masking guidelines. Since our bulletins are already prepared one to two weeks in advance, you won’t see any reference to these changes in your bulletins just yet. By the end of the month additional changes from the CDC and PA DOH are anticipated. As we evaluate these revised guidelines in the coming weeks and how they impact our gatherings, you may begin to see various changes in our order of service and also to health and safety guidelines at St Timothy.

For now, you are encouraged to act in accordance with your own level of comfort while also being considerate of the comfort level of those you pass by or who are seated near you. If you are comfortable without a mask or face covering, that’s fine, but if you see folks wearing a face covering think about providing them some additional space to increase their level of comfort too.

If you feel more comfortable and safer wearing a face covering, then by all means wear one.

Safe distancing and hand sanitation are always good health practices and continue to be encouraged as we begin to work our way back to normalcy.

And as always, if you wish to offer suggestions or concerns as we move forward, please feel free to speak with any member of the Health & Safety Taskforce.

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